Honeywell HE225/265 Bypass Humidifier

The Honeywell HE225/265 Bypass Humidifier installs with central heating and cooling systems to deliver whole-home comfort. Eliminates maintenance hassles with easy-access pads. Saves energy by eliminating constant cycling of air.
  • High Output Delivers up to 17 gallons of moisture into the home each day
  • Seasonal Damper Allows for easy control of humidity from season to season
  • Simple Maintenance Replacement Honeywell Humidifier pads can be purchased from and/or replaced by your heating and cooling contractor, and also fit Aprilaire Humidifiers
  • Exlusive AgION Humidifier Pads Feature an anti-microbial coating which helps inhibit the growth of molds, bacteria, fungus and algae on the pads
  • PerfectFLO Distribution Tray Helps ensure that moisture is distributed evenly


See Owner’s Manual


Owner’s Manual


Warranty Information:

  • 5-Year Warranty

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