Honeywell UV Treatment System – RUVLAMP / RUVBULB

Honeywell’s UV Treatment System provides a line of defense against spreading airborne bacteria. It offers exclusive safety features and is simple to install.
  • Easy installation in forced-air heating and cooling systems
  • Kills up to 70 percent of certain airborne bacteria* passing by the system
  • Exclusive safety features – Sealed design prevents contact with voltage and UV rays
  • Fastest lamp replacement in the market
  • Lamp replacement indicator light
  • Installation DVD included in package
  • US Models: RUVLAMP1 (package), RUVBULB1 (replacement bulb)
*Test performed shows a single pass kill rate of Serratia marcescens bacteria in a clean metal 12″ x 25″ duct at an airflow of 2,000 cfm using new lamps.


See Sell Sheet & Owner’s Manual


Sell Sheet
Owner’s Manual

Warranty Information:


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